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Who I Am:


Name: George Ziniewicz    zin    }B^J
Location: Phoenix, Arizona area
Age: 60
   caucasian white male
   gray hair (that's an old picture!)
   blue eyes
   5' 10"
   180 lb.

Profession: Programmer
  Languages I have programmed: C, C++, Assembler, Basic, Fortran, Perl, Tcl, HTML, JAVA, JavaScript, unix KORN shell, VMS, Forth, VBA
  DB Systems I have programmed: SAS (Base/AF/Frame), SQL (SqlPlus, DB2)
  O.S. I have programmed in: Mac, Windows 98/2000/NT, Unix, Dec, CPM

Previous occupations:
  Database Programmer - Pharmaceutical Reporting
  Database Programmer-Admin; Photo, Electronics and Software Engineering
    with a major Semiconductor Manufacturing company
  Field Engineer installing &repairing scanning-electron microscopes & ebeam manufacturing equip.
  U. S. Navy: Aviation Electronics Technician

Formal Education:
  High School/Technical School for Electronics Technician
  U. S. Navy Basic Electronics, Advanced Electronics, 2 Specialized Electronics
  Motorola U: C, Advanced C, C++, Unix, Advanced Unix, Structured Programming 
              Core Statistics Suite, Measurement Systems Analysis...

   Mysticism & Religious Experience
   Computer Graphics
   Trance (AH.FM) & Space Music (Jonathon Serrie...Hearts of Space)

Favorite City: Paris, France (6 times)   Amsterdam & Brussels are cool too
Favorite Pizza: Mushroom, Onion, Red Bell Pepper and Sausage, with provolone cheese, well done
Favorite Beers: Chimay Blue (made by monks in Belgium), Hurricane HG, Steel Reserve 211
Favorite Sauce: Yoshida's Gourmet Sauce
Favorite Colors: Black & White

Noteworthy experiences:
   Premature twin at 7 months, spent month in incubator
   Fell out of car turning a corner when 1 year old
   Electrocuted by 110 v. when 1 year old
   Thumb bit by organ-grinder monkey when 4 (that ebola was a bitch!)  }B^)
   Big toe crushed by factory pallet mover when 7
   Fell out of tree at 8, breaking both wrists and hitting head
   Hit in back of head by softball when 9
   Nearly lose consciousness when hitting bottom of pool with head in diving mishap
   Hit just above eye by rock when 10
   Broke right pinky finger wrestling at 15
   Heavily exposed to asbestos inhalation during house painting at 15
   U. S. Navy 3 year stint: Jacksonville Fla, Memphis Tennessee, Rota Spain, the Azores
   Talked w/ Elvis Presley in Memphis airport while on leave after boot camp
   My twin-brother Victor, a champion gymnast, dies of a freak accident, a broken neck
   Worked occasionally in 2 nuclear material processing plants (my healthy glow)
   Fell off horizontal bar doing giant swings, on head onto hard basketball court
   Hit side of pool with face (breaking nose) during pool mishap
   Got a bag of fries w/ a cockroach in it, Jacksonville, Fla. Hardees
   Started suffering cluster headaches (worse than migraines) at 22
   Hyper-extended right knee in trampoline mishap
   Fell 30 feet to ground hitting head in hang-gliding mishap
   Hit in head by 5" steel bocci ball thrown from 25 feet away
   Damaged left elbow in skateboarding mishap
   Removed a footlong section of sharp wire ribbon from a chinese duck dish I was having
      (an artifact of having opened a large can of one of the ingredients)
   Electrocuted by 40,000 v. in electron microscope mishap
   Electrocuted repeatedly by 14,000 v. in another electron microscope mishap
   Officially changed name to George "Lucky" Ziniewicz   (*>*)
   Produced a son
   Severely sprained left foot in fall while canyon climbing, 1 year recovery
   Saw God (a 2nd time) while meditating at 35, have seen her since MANY times.
And that is not even close to "who I am".

Email: zin @ zinsight.com