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"SHIT HAPPENS" in various world religions & philosophies

TAOISM:         If shit happens, adapt to it.


HINDUISM:	This shit has happened before, and will happen again.

BUDDHISM:	If shit happens, don't be attached to it.

ZEN:            What is the sound of shit happening?

JUDAISM:	We know shit happens, but why does it always happen to us?

CHRISTIANITY:	If shit happens, turn the other cheek.

CATHOLICISM:	If shit happens, you deserved it.

PROTESTANTISM:	Let shit happen to someone else.

ISLAM (SHIITE):	If shit happens, it is the will of ALLAH.

RASTAFARIANISM:	Shit may happen, but it's really good shit.

PANTHEISM:	Shit is happening everywhere all the time.

ATHEISM:	If shit happens, it proves there is no GOD.

MYSTICISM:	Sh, it happens!

FATALISM:	Shit was destined to happen.

DUALISM:	Shit happens in two's.

HUMANISM:	Humans have the power to make shit happen.

IDEALISM:	Shit only seems to happen.

PRAGMATISM:	If shit happens, so be it!

EXISTENTIALISM:	Only by experiencing shit happening do we truly live.

CAPITALISM:	If shit happens, how much can we make from it?

COMMUNISM:	Shit should happen to everyone equally.

HEDONISM:	If shit happens, enjoy!

STAR WARISM:	If shit happens, let go; feel the force flow through you.

REVERSALISM:	Sneppah tihs.

NIHILISM:	No shit.

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