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3D Motion Dynamics
Observer & Object Interact in the X-Y-Z planes

  Eye-candy software for PC's (fast ones!)

3D OpenGL Applications (BEST in 32 bitcolor!): (uses OpenGL and glut dlls)
First & Once:   Download glut32.dll     (put in C:/Windows/System)

StarZ A Starfield simulation v 1.09-17-00
LeaveZ A Falling Leaves simulation (OpenGL Challenge:Fall)9-16-00
FlagZ A Rippling Flag TextureMapped with the Famous & Infamous
Composite ScreenShot
(scroll down the image!)
FlameZ A PlasmaFlame and Cloud simulation (requires fast system!) 11-29-00
BlackHoleZ A Swirling Black Hole simulation (OpenGL Challenge:TimeWarp)
SmokeZ A Whimsical Burning Cigarette (particle development vehicle) 10-25-00
CoronaZ Earth & Moon Circling a Particle Sun
(particle development vehicle, Pause and mouse for corona view) ScreenShot
GearZ A Spherical Set of Rotating Gears ScreenShot 11-29-00
PlasmaZ A Lava-Lamp simulation ScreenShot 10-2-00
CatacombZ A mini-Doom game (update of NeHe October Challenge) 10-28-00
FuzZ Rotating Fractally-Overlapping Noise Textures
(update of OpenGL Challenge: RandomImagery) ScreenShot
PinZ A PinArt Machine Simulation
(OpenGL Challenge: Spikes/Nails/Screws) ScreenShot
PulsarZ A Big Bang+ simulation
(OpenGL Challenge: Oddities)
RingZ A Set of 3 Interlocking Rotating Rings (OpenGL Challenge:FreeStyle)
(updated: hid cursor) ScreenShot
ImpactZ A bad day for planet Earth, destruction on a Planetary scale!
(OpenGL Challenge: Demolition)  ScreenShot
CoasterZ A Roller Coaster of sorts
(OpenGL Challenge: Free Style)  ScreenShot
Qlicken A program that measures your response time, just Click when it flashes 1-31-01
RoseZ A Twirling Rose (OpenGL Challenge: Be Mine)  ScreenShot 2-11-01
SpaceWarZ A Space Shoot-Em-Up (OpenGL Challenge: Interface)  ScreenShot 2-25-01
SkateZ Roll around a Virtual Skate Park   Screenshot 3-07-01
ArcZ A Plasma Ball simulation (OpenGL Challenge: Plasma Balls)   Screenshot 4-22-01
HiwayZ A driving simulation (OpenGL Challenge: Free Style)  Screenshot 4-29-01
BopZ A child's "GopherBop" arcade game simulation
(OpenGL Challenge: Explosive Goo)  Screenshot
FlockZ A soaring birds simulation
(OpenGL Challenge: Flock of Feathers)  Screenshot
WallZ Inside a Rotating Cube with Sliding Particle Walls
(OpenGL Challenge: Free Style)  Screenshot
PezZ A Candy Dispenser - (OpenGL Challenge: Candy)  6-19-01
YosemiteZ A 3d-shooter w/ Yosemite Sam - (OpenGL Challenge: Cartoon)
WaterColorZ An abstract simulation, splashes of watercolor - (OpenGL Challenge: Free Style) Screenshot 7-8-01
EruptionZ A volcano simulation - (OpenGL Challenge: Eruptions) 7-19-01
RainZ Driving down wet streets at night in the rain - (FlipCode: Precipitation)
*** Sound bug fix ***    Screenshot
PhysicZ An attempt at modeling the physics of motion - (GameDev: Physics)
FellowshipZ The Lord of the Rings - (NeHe: LOTR contest)

Programs written on my HP pc w/ 1 gig Athlon running WindowsXP, your mileage may vary (code is time-corrected)
Graphics must be smooth and fluid for effect! Turn off other apps if performance is jerky.
Once running, press the ? key for on-screen help, there are plenty of controls to play with!
If apps run slowly, try "f" for Fullscreen/Window toggle, shift < to reduce tesselation, or [ to reduce object size if applicable.
Some of the apps look better from 10 to 20 feet away (PlasmaZ, PinZ...)

written by George Ziniewicz with Visual C++

Email: zin @ zinsight.com