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3D OpenGL ScreenSavers

Must have a good graphics card w/ OpenGL support!

glut32.dll     one time copy into folder: windows/system32

Place in Windows/System32 and select in Windows ScreenSaver Dialog:
(or run the app anywhere and don't move!)

LavaLampZ lava lamp simulation (overlapping sines, formerly PlasmaZ, best seen at a distance!)
WaterfallZ particle waterfall, by moving camera
SnowZ falling snow particles
CitiZ cityscape by moving camera
WallZ particle-lined cube by moving camera, moire patterns
GrainZ noise texture scrolling on a rotating low res sphere
SolarZ Sun-centric whiz-by of stars and gas clouds
CornZ inside a virtual corn cob, sortof
WatercolorZ splashes of watercolor
AuraZ inside 2 rotating spheres lit by 6 rotating lights (200901)
PlaneZ planes of texture(2006)

Note: there are no dialogs/adjustors in these programs
If they run slowly on your Intel Graphics hardware, rename the *.scr to *.sCr
( thanks to www.reallyslick.com, another great screensaver site!)

by George Ziniewicz
Email: zin @ zinsight.com